Going Wireless With Your Headphones

I’m personally still very happy with my ultra-pocketable iPhone SE so I have no plans to buy the iPhone 7, but with Apple touting a brave new wireless future, I thought the launch would make an opportune moment to decide whether or not it was time for me to make the switch from a wired world.

Those who know me are often surprised to find that I wasn’t one of the first to switch to wireless headphones. I have a well-known aversion to wires, even going so far as commissioning a bespoke desk to hide them away out of sight. But while I’ve tried a few wireless headphones over the years, I’ve always come back to my wired Bowers & Wilkins P5 …


The reason? I absolutely love music, and have close to zero tolerance to anything which reduces the quality. I don’t mean that I’m an audiophile: I’ve always said that I have mid-range ears, and am grateful for that fact. I’m happy with high-bitrate mp3 and hifi kit that is relatively pricey but not eye-wateringly so.

But early Bluetooth headphones were just terrible, subject to interference and randomly-dropped audio. I tried a bunch of those first-generation ones and found listening to them almost physically painful.

Things have improved a lot over the years, of course, but I did still find myself returning to my trusty wired headphones each time.

I wasn’t tempted by Apple’s shiny new AirPods. All the reviews say that the audio quality is on a par with EarPods, and while I’d have saved a lot of money over the years if my ears were that cheap, they’re not. I also have a strong preference for on-ear rather than in-ear. As for Beats, let’s just say my ears are not compatible with their sound and leave it at that …

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